Basic Terminology



Basic Terminology

Karate-do Empty hand-way The count  
Sensei Teacher Ichi One
Dojo Training hall Ni Two
Gi Training suit San Three
Obi Belt Shi Four
Rea Bow Go Five
Oss To push ahead Roku Six
Kime Focus Shichi Seven
Jodan Upper level Hachi Eight
Chudan Middle level Kyu Nine
Gedan Lower level Ju Ten
Waza Punching techniques    
Hidari  Left Migi Right
Yame Stop Hajime Begin
Mokusoh Quiet thought Mawate Turn
Uraken Back fist strike Kime Focus
Oi-zuki Stepping punch Kihon  Basics
Age-uke Rising block Kumite Sparring
Soto-uke Outside block  Kata Forms
Ude-barai Forearm sweep Uchi-uke Inside block
Gedan-barai Downwards sweeping block Gyaku-zuki Reverse punch
Uke waza Blocking techniques Nagashi-uke Sweeping block
Shuto-uke Knife hand block Tsukami-uke Grasping block
Keri waza
Kicking techniques Uchi waza Striking techniques
Mae-geri Front snap kick Empi-uchi Elbow strike
Yoko-geri keage Side snap kick Shuto-uchi Knife hand strike
Yoko-geri kekomi Side thrust kick Haito-uchi Ridge hand strike
Mawashi-geri Roundhouse kick Nukite Spear hand strike
Ushiro-geri Reverse thrust kick Mika-zuki-geri Cresent kick
Sanbon kumite Three step sparring    
Gohon kumite Five step sparring    
Kihon ippon kumite One step sparring    
Jyu ippon kumite Semi-free one attack sparring    
Jyu kumite Freestyle sparring    


On-Line Club Lessons

During the Covid - 19 period of club closures. Online zoom lessons are been provided by various clubs. Between the clubs these lessons are being provided on each weekday evening. In addition there are morning lessons on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

To meet instructor insurance requirements these lessons are only available to students holding a valid licence.

If you are a rengokai member or someone wishing to join the lessons, then please email me on for joining information.

The clubs providing these online lessons, with telephone and email addresses are as follows:

Bognor Regis. Sensei Glen  on 07720 275 814 or email: .

Crookhorn. Sensei Craig on 07850 979100 or Andy on 07966 482 877 or email:

Eastleigh Southampton Fair Oak. Sensei Merv on 07713 284 430 or email:

Locksheath. Sensei Nicky on 07966 202656 or email

Portchester. Sensei Merv on 07713 284 430 or email:

Waterlooville. Sensei Craig on 07850 979100 or Andy on 07966 482 877 or email:

In addition the Bognor Regis club provides lessons in Kobujutsu.

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