Who's Who

Rengokai Senior Instructors.

Sensei Merv O’Donnell 8th Dan

Sensei Merv was one of the fortunate people to benefit from direct instruction

from the earliest of Japanese Senseis to come to England, such as Sensei's

Kanazawa, Enoeda, Asano, Kato, Ochi, Sumi,Takahashi and Tomita.

Following a number of years teaching at the original Portsmouth Karate Club

and a range of clubs in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area, Sensei Merv

started the Portchester Club in 1982.


The following are the Senior instructors within Rengokai.

 All have studied Shotokan Karate and have run successful clubs for many years.

 Sensei Paul Moreby 6th Dan

Commenced his training in 1975. He has trained extensively under Japanese direction and has been the Chief Instructor of the Bromley Shotokan Karate Academy since 1978












Sensei Glen Frame  5th Dan   Sensei Nicky Sanders 5th Dan
Commenced training in 1975 and has been the Chief Instructor for the Bognor Regis Karate and Kobujutsu club since 1993.   Commenced training in 1982 and has been the Chief instructor of the Locksheath Karate Club since 1992.













Sensei Craig Ford 4th Dan    Sensei Nigel Hosking 3rd Dan    
Commenced training in 1989 and has been the Chief Instructor of the Crookhorn Karate Club since 1997   Commenced training in 1983 and is the Chief Instructor of the Eastleigh and Southampton Karate club.    





Sensei Zerina Shafi 4th Dan.

Commenced training in 1989. She has gained numerous medals over the years in National and International Championships. She is currently the Chief Instructor at the Boundary Oak school self defence club and a senior instructor at the Portchester Karate club.


Sensei Steve Jenkins 2nd Dan

Commenced training in 19  . He is now the Chief Instructor of the Fort Purbrook Karate Club


Sensei Keith Lucas 4th Dan

Commenced training in 1979 and was until recently moving, the Chief Instructor of the Fort Purbrook Karate Club since 1986. Currently running an after school club in Southampton.

  Sensei Faye Cappleman 5th Dan.  Sensei Faye is the Rengokai Welfare Officer. She is also a Senior Instructor at Portchester karate Club. Sensei Faye started her Karate training in 1985.    




















































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